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Emu’s are unusual flightless birds, standing around 190cm tall. They may not be able to fly, but boy can they run! Emu’s can reach paces as fast as 50km per hour, and often challenge cars to a race down the highway! Some People might find the idea of eating Australia’s national animal a little hard to stomach, but it is a great alternative to beef. Although an Emu is technically a bird, it actually falls into the red meat category. It is just as tender and has a very similar taste to beef. Emu meat holds the best properties of both poultry and red meat. It contains almost double the amount of iron to beef, while still remaining low in fat, calories and cholesterol. It’s super healthy and is probably one of the best meat options on the market. So the next time you are thinking of buying beef, why not give Emu a go! What’s more Aussie than cooking an Emu sausage on the barbie!