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Student support services

CTI has resources and staff available to help students if necessary. If you are facing problems of any kind, please do not hesitate to contact any of the staff. Our staff members are always happy to help you whenever possible. Please take advantage of the support facilities available before any problems become an issue, so that you may have a happy and rewarding experience while you are studying in Brisbane.

CTI campus is modern and well-equipped. It has a wide range of facilities which include lecture rooms, specialised training rooms, library, and computer laboratories with internet and e-mail facilities. Student common room with vending machines, dining facilities, centralised air-conditioning and heater, kitchen with microwave and refrigerator offer an escape for students. CTI offers a range of student support services in both academic and personal areas. These services are available free of charge to all enrolled students. The Student Support Services are designed in keeping with the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2002 guidelines and the National Code. The following support services are available to students:

Orientation program

The orientation program is conducted for all new students arriving on campus at the beginning of the semester. A briefing is conducted on the Australian culture and the study style in Australia. Information is given to students regarding student visa conditions, accommodation, work permit, overseas heath cover, and use of information technology facilities within CTI. Students are also given a campus tour and are introduced to academic and administrative staff.

Orientation schedule

  • Introduction & welcome
  • Student registration form
  • Overseas Student Health Cover (Medibank)
  • Course information, time table, learning & assessment strategies
  • Student rights and obligations
  • Resource / Library information
  • Student Welfare support services
  • Learner needs survey
  • Emergency evacuation directions & protocol
  • Department of Immigration & Citizenship (DIAC) regulations & legislations
  • Getting around Brisbane
  • Accommodation assistance and information
  • ID Cards
  • CTI provides support services to its students. Manager – Student Services is appointed for the provision of support services to:
  • Assist successful adjustment by the students to life and study in Australia
  • Assist the resolution of student problems, which could impede completion of their studies such as student complaint & appeal.

Personal counselling services

The Manager – Student Services acts as a point of contact and offers support to students and staff on matters and issues that fall within his capacity. However if the student / staff needs professional counselling or support services not offered by CTI, then the Manager – Student Services will seek or recommend professional counselling agency.

The student counselling service is designed to assist international students in dealing with a wide range of problems including homesickness, managing stress, handling conflicts, emotional issues, improving motivation, enhancing study skills, organizing study time and any other issue that may be upsetting the student. The counsellor (Manager – Student services) at CTI is not a professional counsellor, however can assist students as a first point of contact. The counselling service assists students in coping with their difficulties leading to reduction of stress. Learning to cope with stress will enable students to improve their academic grades and successfully complete the program.

If the Manager – Student services finds the need for you to be referred to a professional counsellor he will make recommendations and suggest a reliable and qualified psychologist.

Career / academic counselling

CTI ensures that all its students are offered appropriate career counselling prior to their arrival in Australia or prior to them commencing their course. CTI student does offer counselling services to discuss student’s academic interests and objectives to make sure that they are enrolled in the right qualification. If required CTI would recommend and facilitate options for students to seek professional career counselling if the students have specific academic needs.

All information is confidential and is not disclosed to other departments of CTI except in the following circumstances:

  • You have given permission to disclose information to another party;
  • In exceptional situations where failure to disclose information would place you or another person at serious and imminent risk; or
  • When we are required by law to disclose information

Academic support

CTI offers an academic support to students in addition to their regular scheduled lectures. To assist students in their assignments there are Assignment Referencing workshops to help prevent plagiarism.

Additional tutorial support is organised for students requiring academic assistance. Workshops are conducted for students with academic difficulties such as study skills, counselling, support and guidance is offered to students who have academic difficulties. Students are advised to contact their respective course tutors or course coordinators for any additional academic support. The course coordinators will then refer you to the respective staff that will then provide you with relevant assistance.

Language, literacy & numeracy skills

During the orientation process, students will be offered to fill in a “Learners Need Survey” form, which will collect information of individual learning styles and needs. This form will be an exercise to determine if CTI needs to deploy additional resources to accommodate student’s learning needs to achieve the desired outcome and offer equal learning opportunities.


  1. During orientation CTI representative (Manager – Student Services) will explain the need for the “Learner Need” survey to the student
  2. Students will complete it during the orientation session and hand it back to the person in charge
  3. Manager – Student Services will analyse each individual for and seek and special needs or requirement of any students
  4. If any needs are addressed, the Manager – Student Services will further discuss (verbal) the needs with the concerned student and assess the need further to ascertain what training and learning strategies would be required
  5. Manager – Student Services will then discuss the strategies with the trainer / tutor and make arrangement for regular monitoring of students performance via student’s evaluation sheet or academic progress and performance.

In the event that a student needs access to literacy and numeracy skills training, CTI will make available a staff member with appropriate qualifications (Adult Teaching qualifications). CTI will dedicate at least 2 hours a week to teach students literacy and numeracy skills to assist students in meeting the LLN requirements of the training package.

Overseas student health cover (Medibank)

It is a visa requirement that international students and their dependants have overseas student health cover. Medibank covers the cost for out-of-hospital and some hospital medical treatment, pharmaceuticals and emergency ambulance services.

CTI arranges Medibank, CTI’s preferred health insurance provider. You can pay the health cover premium when accepting your offer of place. CTI will inform DIAC that Medibank is in place for you and your family members and will indicate this on your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE). Students can buy Medibank insurance from an approved Australian health insurance provider. When you accept your unconditional offer of place, you must indicate that you have purchased Medibank for the duration of your course. Medibank offers 24-hour assistance via its helpline. For information about prices, claims, family cover and more refer to the Medibank website.

If you have Medibank arranged through CTI, you will be covered from the date of your arrival in Australia. You can collect your membership card at the reception within 1 week of your course start date. If you need to access medical services but do not have your Medibank membership card, please contact CTI reception for a temporary card.

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