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Student Information

Living expenses

Yearly living expenses in Australia are approximately from AUD$18,610 plus 35% for each family dependant. (Note: School age dependants are required to pay tuition fees for their education in Australia).

Contact hours/terms

Study periods are divided into terms. Please contact the institute for detailed breakdown on terms for all qualifications. As per DIAC regulations, overseas students are required to study with a minimum of 20 contact hours per week on a full-time basis. Students are required to follow class schedules / time tables as planned by CTI.

CTI classes are Monday-Friday from 9am-1.15pm or 1.45pm-6pm. Please note that all programs are in full-time mode and cannot be undertaken part-time or via distance education.

Recognition of prior learning

RPL is the process that recognises skills and experience you currently have regardless of where and when the learning occurred. To apply for Recognition of Prior Learning you will need to complete the RPL form, which can be requested by emailing info@canterburyti.com.au. After completing the RPL form please scan and attach all your supporting evidence. RPL procedures are detailed in the RPL Application form. For further information on CTI’s RPL process, please review, the student handbook posted which can be downloaded here.


All students have the option to be assessed in order to ascertain whether their Language Literacy and Numeracy skills are sufficient to successfully complete the training program. Those who require further support will be advised to seek this with a qualified expert; there are a number of training organisations able to provide this service. Suitable courses will be discussed at intake interview. Any costs incurred will be the responsibility of the student.

Assessment methods

CTI follows a combination of methods for unit assessments. For example, direct observation, role-play, practical demonstration, written tests, essays, oral tests, projects, simulation & portfolios.

Disciplinary & dismissal procedures

An offence involving the breach of CTI’s rules and regulations can lead to dismissal, even instant dismissal. For further information on CTI’s disciplinary & dismissal process, please review our downloadable student handbook.

Complaint handling procedure

The CTI complaint process is made up of formal and informal academic and non-academic appeals processes. If you consider that the response to a disciplinary or misconduct decision is unsatisfactory or unfair you have the right to seek further recourse. For further information on CTI’s grievance & complaints procedures, please review, the student handbook available here <Link to download>

Facilities / equipment

CTI campus is modern and well equipped according to the latest industry standards. CTI has a wide range of facilities which include specialised training rooms and computer laboratories fully-equipped with the latest equipment, appliances and tools to enhance the student learning experience.

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